From Point Reyes to Mount Tamalpais
Are you ready for some adventure?

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Lake Tahoe
Hiking & Natural History

Adult Adventure
July 27 & 28, 2013

Sugar Pine Point State Park, Saturday
Western Tanagers sang their sweet songs while we meandered along General Creek Trail to Lily Pond and back. Fresh Black Bear scat adorned the trail as did Monkshood and many other wildflowers and birds.  One hiker spotted a Western Wood-pewee nest and a California Toad made an appearance- lucky us! 

DL Bliss & Emerald Bay State Parks, Sunday
Hiking with "lake of the sky" in view for several hours aint too bad! Neither is ogling a soaking wet Bald Eagle perched 30 feet above!! 

Hiking & Natural History

Adult Adventure
August 4 & 5, 2012

Van Damme State Park, Saturday
We meandered through fern canyon and up to a national natural landmark: the pygmy forest.   Post hike, we met at the Little River Inn for food, libations and good cheer.  "A little over 9 miles"...nice accomplishment gang!

Russian Gulch, Sunday
After enjoying breakfast and free time exploring the charming town of Mendocino we hiked amongst redwoods and ferns to the waterfall where we enjoyed lunch.  Before leaving the park, we visited "Devil's Punchbowl" and briefly walked Mendocino Headlands.  6 miles.

CA Quail
     Bird Watching Adventure
Point Reyes National Seashore

More than 50 species of birds, including  a Warbling Vireo and two handsome Wood Ducks, were found during a lovely morning of birding.  A lone Pacific Tree Frog, Jackrabbit, Black-tailed Deer and Pocket Gopher rounded out the day!

Wildlife Viewing Adventure
Point Reyes National Seashore

Watching Tule Elk through a spotting scope allows you to keep a safe distance and feel like a part of the herd.  We enjoyed great views of the magnificent Tule Elk as we hiked along the trail admiring the power and beauty of the wind and waves. 

Tule Elk
Rough-skinned Newt
Muir Beach Hike

Eight of us, four of which were visiting from London, climbed the Coastal Trail from Muir Beach.  We hiked along Pirate's Cove and up to a beautiful vista to enjoy our lunch.  Along the way we encountered two Rough-skinned Newts, Ravens, Turkey Vultures and one Nothern Harrier Hawk.  After the hike, Kevin and I made a campfire for our guests and enjoyed smores and a game of frisbee, followed by the viewing of a specatactular sunset and delicious dinner at the Pelican Inn.  A great day had by all!

Birds and Dunes of
Abbott's Lagoon

Family Program
Point Reyes Birding and Nature Festival

This is a family friendly outing, with special focus on kids.  With its rich variety of habitats, Abbot's Lagoon is a favorite birding and nature destination at Point Reyes.  Sharon Barnett, a nature education specialist, will point out numerous bird species that inhabit the chaparral, fresh water pond, brackish water lagoon, dunes, sandy beach and open ocean.  She'll also explain the intricacies of dune ecology, ongoing dune restoration projects, and challenges faced by the federally listed snowy plover.  Other interesting natural features (butterflies, unusual plants, tracks, etc) will make this a great outing for families.



Rodeo Beach
Nature Detectives
MNA Private Family Outings

With magnifying glasses and binoculars in hand we set off to explore a variety of habitats while visiting prized Marin locations.  
We learned about the plants and animals while playing fun nature games.  We found newts, banana slugs, deer, a western gray squirrel and praying mantis, lots of tracks and scat, and plenty of our feathered friends!  But the best treasure of all was when one of the kids lifted a piece of bark to discover a baby ringneck snake living underneath! 

Rodeo Lagoon & Beach
November 14. 2010

China Camp State Park
September 12, 2010

Phoenix Lake
April 18, 2010

Lake Lagunitas
February 7, 2010

Learning about and looking for a Western Pond Turtle
Rough-skinned Newt
Adventures in Twilight 
Point Reyes Field Seminar
Family Program
Sat., Sept. 25,  6 - 9pm

Celebrate the autumnal equinox and the full moon by spending the late dusk hours prowling around to see who is out there- maybe bats, raccoons, coyotes, possums, deer, rodents, owls and other birds- and who has been there!   Bring your favorite young person for an interactive evening of learning more about the animal world through games, stories, observation and investigation with a fun and seasoned naturalist.  Appropriate for ages 5 & up.  Sign me up! or (415) 663-1200

Mt. Barnabe
MNA Advanced Hike

Sunday, February 15th 2009

This was an epic hike!  Along the way we looked for spawning Coho Salmon, saw some wildflowers, and visited Stairstep Falls. The wind was whipping at the top and we were wet, cold, hungry but happy hikers!  We ate lunch in a small sheltered space that we shared with a wind-blown CA Towhee. 

Stairstep Falls
Pocket Gopher
Family Weekend Adventure!
Point Reyes Field Seminar, Memorial Day Weekend

Sharon and Kevin guided families through a weekend of fun and relaxation which included educational activities such as a trip to the tidepools, an evening twilight walk and campfire, a hike through a forest and a relaxing afternoon at the beach.  Scavenger hunts and fun nature games were just a few activities everyone enjoyed.  Accommodations were included at our base camp, the Clem Miller Environmental Education Center. 

Tide Pool Treasures
Duxbury Reef, Bolinas
MNA Family Outing 

How do Sea Anemones eat?   Do Sea Stars walk?

Get ready for a spectacular day of discovery as we come face to face with some truly amazing creatures that are only visible during low tide.  We will carefully walk out onto the rocky intertidal habitat of the Pacific Coast and learn how to identify some of the different critters, appreciate their uniqueness, and enjoy the breathtaking scenery of our coast!


Guided Nature Hike
Bald Hill, San Anselmo
MNA Adult Outing

This exhilarating hike will take you to the top of 'Mt Baldy' for stunning views of the San Francisco Bay and Marin's rolling hills.  We will brake for birds and wildflowers while we meander at a comfortable pace to the top.


Possum Tracks

Animal Tracks and Signs
Family Outing at the Richardson Bay Audubon Sanctuary

A scavenger hunt for the senses, tracking is an ancient skill that can be a fun hobby for the entire family.  Naturalist Sharon 'Heron' will help us look for animal tracks, scat, nibbled leaves, trails, and other signs.  We will learn basic tracking skills and find out which animals visit Richardson Bay.  Following our outdoor explorations, children will make a plaster track cast to take home.